After rigorous testing, The Pizza Lab team is proud to bring the amazing taste of sourdough to your home. Made with natural yeasts and ferments together with a high quality blend of flours from Caputo, sourdough gives a product which pleases your palate and is also easier to digest. No messing about with feeding starters and all associated procedures. We'll do that for you!


Just take the dough balls out of the plastic packaging (please recycle accordingly) and let them defrost overnight in your fridge in a closed container. Take out of the fridge around 6 hours (less during the summer months) before cooking for the final proof. Cook in your electric oven on our Fast Crust aluminium plate or your usual pizza stone at the maximum temperature (usually 250C) or better still, in your very hot gas or wood fired pizza oven at 400C.


Each pack contains four frozen sourdough balls of approximately 250g each sufficient to make four amazing 12 inch pizzas.

Sourdough Pizza Dough Balls