0.7 mm thick blue steel, reinforced edge, not dishwasher proof.  Blueing of steel occurs during the metallurgical procedure of forming the sheet. After rolling, the steel sheet is annealed (heated) and water vapour is injected into the annealing oven when it reaches about 400°C. This vapour causes the sheet to oxidise superficially. A thin layer of blue-black iron oxide will cover the surface of the steel and give it the beautiful blue and shiny appearance.


  • Superior quality, practically indestructible.
  • Exceptional cooking quality : The blue steel has always been the best material for traditional cooking.
  • Absorbs the heat rapidly, rather than reflecting it.
  • Well looked after, your pan will improve with use. Its appearance may change, nevertheless its baking properties will remain intact.
  • The layer of oxide helps to protect against rust but does not make the metal rust-free. This is why blue steel should always be greased (seasoned) so that it forms a protective pating. Always store in a dry place.
  • Surface rust may form when the pan is not used for a long period of time and if not seasoned properly. This can easily be removed by reseasoning. 


Size 40x30x3cm.

Steel Pizza Pan