Quickly and easily convert your Ooni Karu 12 to gas!

The Ooni Gas Burner attaches right onto the back of Ooni Karu 12 for a convenient and easy way to power your oven with gas. Offering the same incredible speed and high heat as using other fuels, use the heat control dial to cook across a range of temperatures. Plus, there’s minimal soot or clean-up to worry about thanks to cooking with gas.


For outdoor use only

Can ONLY be used with the oven door off the oven

Designed, tested and approved for use with Ooni Karu 12 ovens only.

While this accessory does physically fit some Ooni pizza oven models, use of the Ooni Gas Burner with other models has not been tested. Ooni therefore cannot guarantee or provide a warranty for using this product with pizza ovens other than Ooni Karu 12.

Ooni Karu Gas Burner