Belonging to the “spun paste” family of cheeses, buffalo mozzarella is obtained through the transformation of buffalo milk. As a soft fresh cheese, it undergoes no ripening process. Generally, it is consumed within a few days of its production and stored in its own water (the preservation liquid), also known as whey. The characteristics of buffalo mozzarella have remained unchanged over time. They include the round shape, the very thin and shiny crust, and the abundant milk seeping out when you cut it.


Produced according to the traditional recipe, buffalo mozzarella is made using only milk, rennet and salt. Rennet is used to coagulate the acidified buffalo milk. The resulting curd is then cut into small pieces and melted in hot water. The mass obtained is further worked by kneading, then stretched and finally cut into balls. Interestingly, mozzarella derives its name from the Italian verb “mozzare”, literally meaning “to cut off”, referring to the original cutting process by which mozzarella was shaped by hand.


The PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) label ensures a strict quality-control system, which covers the entire chain: from buffalo breeding to processing and packaging of mozzarella cheese.


The manufacturing process of buffalo milk mozzarella cheese still follows the traditional, historically unchanged procedure. Even though tools and technology have changed, the distinctive flavor and scent of such a special cheese remain the same. With its musk-like aroma and the sweet and sour flavor, our buffalo mozzarella is a unique dairy product.

Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala 2 x 125g

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