The Fast Crust is your perfect alternative when a pizza oven is not available. An 8mm thick sheet of solid, food grade aluminium which is virtually unbreakable, enabling you to cook delicious pizzas in just 3 minutes in your regular home electric oven or even on your bbq.


Stop buying pizza stones, only to see them break after a few cooks. Switch to aluminium, a relatively light but highly conductive metal which will quickly transfer heat to your pizza dough for an even cook. Guaranteed not to rust or corrode and able to withstand temperatures up to 400C.


Ready to use - no need for seasoning! Just place the Fast Crust on your second shelf (from the top) and set the oven to grill (and fan assisted if available) at full power and let your Fast Crust preheat for around 30 minutes until it reaches temperatures of 300C or more. Launch your pizza directly onto the Fast Crust using a pizza peel (optional extra) and watch it cook in around 3 minutes (depending on your oven power). If cooking on a bbq, make sure to heat the Fast Crust as above and keep the bbq closed while the pizza is cooking to maintain the high temperatures.


A quality product proudly crafted by hand in Malta. A must for your home pizza and bread baking!


Buy the Fast Crust Pizza and Fast Crust Peel together for a price of €55 instead of €60.


Dimensions of plate 30x37x0.8cm.

Fast Crust Pizza

  • The Fast Crust pizza plate does not need to be seasoned like cast iron accessories. Just wash it with soapy water and a soft sponge after use. Do not use abrasives such as steel wool or scorers.