Just beautiful! Ranked in the top 5% of wines in the world. No wonder its the most commonly consumed wine variety in Italy. Intense aroma, with hints of ripe red fruits, like cherries, which pair well with the scent of dried violets. Direct from Tuscany, the carefully selected Merlot (20%) and Sangiovese (80%) grapes bestow this unique wine with it's unmistakable aromas, including grassy and spiced nuances.


The aromas can also be tasted on the palate, blending perfectly with the balanced tannins and excellent freshness. An excellent vintage for that special occasion.


Pair with beef, veal and poultry. Perfect with pizzas topped with cured meats.


We recommend serving red wines at 15 degrees celcius. This can be achieved by opening the wine and placing it in the frigde 15 minutes before serving it. 


Alcohol level: 13.5%

Dievole Chianti Superiore DOCG 2016

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